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Logopolis: Part Four

EPISODE: Logopolis: Part Four
TRANSMITTED: Saturday 21 March 1981
FIVE FACES OF DOCTOR WHO REPEAT: Thursday 03 December 1981
WRITER: Christopher H. Bidmead
DIRECTOR: Peter Grimwade
SCRIPT EDITOR: Christopher H. Bidmead
PRODUCER: John Nathan-Turner
RATINGS: 6.1 million viewers
FORMAT: DVD: Doctor Who - New Beginnings (The Keeper of Traken/Logopolis/Castrovalva)

"It's the end. But the moment has been prepared for."

Tegan runs out of the Tardis, following the Doctor who she believes will get her home. As Logopolis falls apart the Doctor & Master discuss their option, but the Monitor himself disintegrates before their eyes. They take the computing records of the block transfer computations to Earth to broadcast them to a nearby CVE using the Pharos Project. The Watcher takes the Tardis to safety outside of space/time and speaks to Adric. Nyssa witnesses Traken's destruction by the entropy field on the Tardis' scanner. Adric takes the Tardis back into space/time and to the Pharos Project. The Master takes his light speed overdrive to the Pharos Project antennae control room but once it's connected attempts to hold the universe to ransom. The Doctor tries to stop him, disconnecting the overdrive ensuring the block computations are beamed to the stars correctly and saving the universe but he falls from the telescope. As Adric, Nyssa & Tegan stand round his broken body the Watcher approaches and merges with the Doctor regenerating him into his fifth incarnation.

r1 r2

r3 r4

r5 r6

And so ends the Fourth Doctor. The final episode is somewhat downbeat and unspectacular, like all of Logopolis, but the stakes couldn't be higher. The First Doctor dies saving Earth from the Cybermen, the Second (effectively) sacrifices his life to get the captured soldiers home and the Third to defeat the Spiders & confront his own pride. The Fourth however dies saving the entire Universe from the Master. I don't believe this was the Master's plan all along, I very much feel he came up with this idea on the fly.

There's lots of unexplained fuss here over the Master's Light Speed Overdrivewhich gets connected to the Pharos Project dish. I suspect that what it's meant to do is project the computations towards the CVE faster than light but the script rather skips over that!

The Monitor's death is particularly gruesome with bits of his body just fading away!

4a 4b

You have to feel for Nyssa too:

NYSSA: Adric, the scanner. Adric.
ADRIC: The whole universe. Of course. We're beyond space and time.
NYSSA: That must be the entropy field. Where's the Earth?
ADRIC: I can't see it.
NYSSA: It's there.
ADRIC: Earth's galaxy has a few more hours left.
NYSSA: Adric, I can't see Traken.
ADRIC: Traken should be
NYSSA: I can't even see Metulla Orionsis. The Master killed my stepmother, and then my father, and now the world that I grew up in, blotted out forever.
Nyssa has lost everything due to The Master.

The Pharos Project here is represented by Crowsley Park BBC Receiving Station which was actually just aerials. The Pharos Project Dish is a model superimposed onto the location work.

4 Loc2 4 cast

The actor playing the technician at the project is Robin Squire He'd previously been the show's Assistant Script Editor at the start of the Third Doctor's time and, as a non equity card holder he was pressed into service as an emergency stand in Squire was so good that he was used for all the main Auton appearances as credited as the suspiciously sounding Ivor Orton..... . He returned as the BBC3 TV Cameraman in The Dæmons and a Starliner dweller in Full Circle.

The speaking security guard is played by Christopher Hurst

c4 Security (3) c4 Security (1)

He has four non speaking colleagues:

Simón Ramírez had been a Citizen in Full Circle and returns as a Grecian Swordsman in Four to Doomsday

Keith Guest had been a Marshman in Full Circle and returns as a Villager in The Visitation.

Steve Whyment had been a Citizen Keeper of Traken. He returns a a Kinda in Kinda, Trooper Brooks in Earthshock, also directed by Peter Grimwade, and is in the Crowd in the Marketplace in Snakedance. In Blake's 7 he was in Stardrive as a Space Rat, Warlord as a Federation Trooper and Blake as a Plantation Bounty Hunter.

Richard Bonehill returns the Flight Engineer in Time-Flight, an Officer in Enlightenment, a Guardolier in Timelash, a Guard in Revelation of the Daleks and a Hyperion III Loader/Guard in The Trial of a Time Lord: Terror of the Vervoids. He was a stand in in Edge of Darkness, in Robin of Sherwood he was a Swordsman in The Children of Israel and a Driver in Cromm Cruac while in Gormenghast he was the sword master. He played multiple roles in both the last two Star Wars films: a snowtrooper, a stormtrooper, and Rebel officer Palo Torshan in The Empire Strikes Back; and a stormtrooper, a Mon Calamari, an X-wing pilot, a TIE pilot, and named characters Nien Nunb, Ree-Yees, and Mosep Binneed in Return of the Jedi. He was also an extra in Flash Gordonand Buck the Hotel Clerk in Highlander.

This episode is the first to include a flash back sequence. First, as the Doctor hangs from the telescope he sees many of his enemies: The Master - Peter Pratt in The Deadly Assassin

v1 v2

A Dalek - voiced by Roy Skelton from Destiny of the Daleks

The Pirate Captain - Bruce Purchase from The Pirate Planet

v3 v4

A Cyberman - The Cyberleader, Christopher Robbie from Revenge of the Cybermen

Davros - Michael Wisher from Genesis of the Dalek

v5 v6

A Sontaran - Stor, Derek Deadman from The Invasion of Time

A Zygon - John Woodnutt from Terror of the Zygpns

v7 v8

The Black Guardian - Valentine Dyall from The Armageddon Factor Then as he's lying on the ground Nyssa & Tegan call his name....

cp1 cp2

followed by flashbacks of Sarah Jane Smith - Elisabeth Sladen from Terror of the Zygons

cp3 cp4

Harry Sullivan - Ian Marter from the Sontaran Experiment.

The Brigadier - Nicholas Courtney from Invasion of the Dinosaurs, a Pertwee story

cp5 cp6

Leela - Louise Jameson from Robots of Death

K-9 - John Leeson from The Armageddon Factor

cp7 cp8

Romana - Mary Tamm from The Stones Of Blood

Romana - Lalla Ward from Full Circle

cp9 cp10

before cutting back to Adric in the present. This is a nice look back at the Doctor's past (I remember being so pleased as a child to see The Pirate Captain again!) and serves as a hint towards what would happen late that year. It's believed series "continuity advisor" Ian Levine advised which clips were used in this sequence. Allegedly the girders under which Tom Baker regenerates are a redressed piece of the set used on Top of the Pops!

The end of the episode features a special distorted title sequence to hide Tom Baker's features. At the time of recording the title sequence for new Doctor Peter Davison had yet to be filmed.

vlcsnap-2018-05-19-16h46m41s-2018-05-19-16h46m41s473 vlcsnap-2018-05-19-16h46m46s-2018-05-19-16h46m46s488

The distortion creates some really nice effects with the stars, rather fond of this special one off version of the titles!

It'd be easy to cast stones at Logopolis: plot holes you could drive a tank through, idiotic ideas and, despite the scale of what the Doctor achieves, somehow not the spectacular farewell Tom Baker deserved. But I still love it years later. I saw it all on first transmission, the only story this season I'm 100% sure I did. It was this story that took my Doctor away and completely changed the game for me and countless other fans who'd grown up with Tom Baker as Doctor Who, who'd never known that any other actor had even played the role. To this day Tom Baker in a long scarf is probably *the* defining image of Doctor Who.

Tom Baker went off and married his former companion Lalla Ward during the making of Logopolis although the marriage didn't last. While trying to distance himself from the role of Doctor Who, even refusing to appear in the 20th anniversary special, he would continue to be busy albeit maybe in not such a high profile way. In recent times his attitude towards Doctor Who has softened considerably and is now much happier to be associated with the program appearing on many DVD commentaries, reprising the role for Big Finish and providing vocals to help complete his unfinished story Shada using animation.

Thus ended the longest season of Doctor Who since 1968/9 and the reign of the longest Doctor. Picking a favourite story is easy: Destiny of the Daleks, but that's just fuelled by childhood nostalgia. So setting it aside which are the best stories from each of the fourth Doctor's seasons for me?

Genesis of the Daleks
Terror of the Zygons
Robots of Death
Horror of Fang Rock
The Pirate Planet
Destiny of the Daleks.
But If I can't have that then City of Death.
.... is hard.
Previously I'd have said Logopolis, or Keeper of Traken.
But I was bowled over by Warriors Gate this time round.
Picking one out of that lot is hard.
All are top drawer Doctor Who.
A different lead actor isn't the only change being made to Doctor Who at this time. It was announced, to some loud dismay in the press, that Doctor Who would move from it's traditional Saturday tea time slot, where it had been slaughtered by ITV during the first half of the season, to a new weekday evening slot and be broadcast twice a week. Also the start of the season would shift from the Autumn, usually the last week in August/first week in September to January creating a nine month gap between Seasons. We had the traditional summer repeat season, in this case Full Circle & Keeper of Traken which were shown from the 3rd to the 13th August. A special event was organised for the autumn: older Doctor Who episodes were to be repeated for the first time. The Five Faces of Doctor Who in theory showed one story featuring each of the five Doctors. Of course no Fifth Doctor/Peter Davison story had aired yet so there had to be a tiny cheat. The stories chosen were:

Monday 2nd November
Tuesday 3rd November
Wednesday 4th November
Thursday 5th November
An Unearthtly Child
Monday 9th November
Tuesday 10th November
Wednesday 11th November
Thursday 12th November
The Krotons
Monday 16th November
Tuesday 17th November
Wednesday 18th November
Thursday 19th November
The Carnival of Monsters
Monday 23rd November
Tuesday 24th November
Wednesday 25th November
Thursday 26th November
Second &
The Three Doctors
Monday 30th November
Tuesday 1st December
Wednesday 2nd December
Thursday 3rd December
Fourth &

It is no underestimation to say this run made fans of the program as a larger whole out of many viewers and started to get people interested in the show's history leading to the destruction of many of the earlier episodes becoming public knowledge. In particular fans wondered why The Krotons was shown instead of Tomb of the Cyberman, another four part Troughton story. When Doctor Who Monthly's winter special was released listing the contents of the archive the reason became clear.

Tom Baker would himself receive four further repeats on BBC1/2 in the Eighties & Nineties: One of these would be Pyramids of Mars. The other three would be Genesis of the Daleks. So the chances are if you've seen a Tom Baker episode of Doctor Who, you've seen Genesis of the Daleks!

It was around the same time that I discovered Doctor Who books in my local library. Oddly the first book I read was The Giant Robot, the Fourth Doctor's FIRST story when the last new story on television had been his final one!

Logopolis was novelised by it's author in 1982. It was released on VHS in 1992 on the same day as Castrovalva and I can clearly remember buying both from the WHSmiths in Staines, near to where I was at University. Doctor Who - New Beginnings Boxset was released on 29th January 2007 containing the three consecutive stories concerning the Master's return and the Doctor's regeneration: Keeper of Traken, Logopolis & Castrovalva.

Doctor Who Season 18, including Logopolis, was released on Blu-Ray on 18th March 2019.

Two weeks after Five Faces of Doctor Who finished with the repeat of Logopolis the BBC's other science fiction series Blake's 7 came to a dramatic end on 21st December 1981. But 7 days after that we got the closest thing to Doctor Who in the 80s which isn't actually Doctor Who: K-9 & Company!

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Logopolis: Part Three

EPISODE: Logopolis: Part Three
TRANSMITTED: Saturday 14 March 1981
FIVE FACES OF DOCTOR WHO REPEAT: Wednesday 02 December 1981
WRITER: Christopher H. Bidmead
DIRECTOR: Peter Grimwade
SCRIPT EDITOR: Christopher H. Bidmead
PRODUCER: John Nathan-Turner
RATINGS: 5.8 million viewers
FORMAT: DVD: Doctor Who - New Beginnings (The Keeper of Traken/Logopolis/Castrovalva)

"Interfering with the working of Logopolis. The most dangerous crime in the universe!"

The Logopolitans try to restore the shrunken Tardis. Sonic projectors are used to create a zone of stability round the Tardis. Adric and the Monitor trace the error and discover the Master's handywork in the form of several shrunken Logopolitans. Nyssa encounters the Master, mistaking him for her Father, and he gives her a bracelet. The corrected code restores the Tardis to it's full form. The Doctor tells the Monitor the Master is here killing people and tells Tegan her aunt is dead. Nyssa's bracelet starts squeezing her arm and hurting her. The Master seizes the sonic projectors and uses them to silence Logopolis. The Doctor and his friends meet the Watcher in the street, and the Doctor prepares for the worst. He confronts the Master, who uses the bracelet to control Nyssa as the Monitor protests at the Master's actions. Without the chanting the structure of Logopolis starts to break down as does Nyssa's bracelet. The Logopolitan's Block Transfer Computations have been maintaining the universe, which as a closed system, long ago passed the point of total collapse. The Block Transfer Computations, broadcast through the replica of the Pharos Project, have opened holes into other universes to maintain the system, the CVEs that the Tardis passed through. Without the computations the voids are closing and entropy is increasing destroying the Universe. The Doctor proposes an alliance with the Master to save the Universe. The Tardis follows them into the streets and the Doctor sends his three companions inside before sealing the deal with the Master by shaking his hand.

3y 3z

This episode isn't bad for the companions as everyone gets something to do in it albeit at the cost of removing the Doctor from the majority of the action for the first half of the episode.

I could live without Tegan's rant about the Logopolitan's working conditions though:

TEGAN: Well, while he's sorting that out, perhaps you wouldn't mind explaining something to me: Back home in Brisbane, we call that a sweatshop. They don't smile, they don't talk to anybody.
MONITOR: Their language is the language of numbers. And they have no need to smile.
TEGAN: No need to smile?
MONITOR: We are a people driven not by individual need but by mathematical necessity. The language of the numbers is as much as we need. Now, it is important that we do not disturb them.
TEGAN: But if they don't talk to each other.
I do wonder why does the corrected code merely restore the Tardis to it's rightful size? Shouldn't the corrected version also have mended the chameleon circuit?

In amongst this there's some very personal moment for the two newest additions to the Tardis crew. First Tegan learns of the death of her Aunt:

DOCTOR: Where are the others?
TEGAN: Adric and Nyssa went to look for the Master.
DOCTOR: What? They should know better than that. There've been enough unnecessary deaths as it is.
TEGAN: What deaths?
MONITOR: The murder of innocent Logopolitans.
DOCTOR: And the murder of innocent Earth people.
TEGAN: Earth people?
TEGAN: Aunty Vanessa?
DOCTOR: Yes. I'm so sorry, Tegan. I'm so sorry.
3i 3j

Then Nyssa finds her missing Father, but finds him different to what she remembers:

MASTER Nyssa, my dear. NYSSA: Father!

NYSSA: But what is this mission of yours, father? You're so changed by it. You look younger, but so cold.
MASTER: Logopolis is a cold place. A cold, high place overlooking the universe. It holds a single great secret, Nyssa, which you and I must discover together.
NYSSA: And the Doctor. The Doctor can help us.
MASTER: Oh yes, the Doctor can certainly help us. You must return to him.
NYSSA: Father, I don't want to be parted from you.
MASTER: No need to, my dear. Here, wear this. It will keep us in mind of one another. Remember to tell no one that you've seen me, yet.

3k 3l

The full horror of what has happened to Tremas quickly becomes apparent:

NYSSA: Father!
DOCTOR: That's not your father. Tremas is dead, murdered by him, the Master.
MASTER: Nyssa.
NYSSA: You killed my father?
(The Master takes Nyssa to one side.)
MASTER: But his body remains useful. Without it I could not have conquered Logopolis.
We saw last episode the massive Radio Telescope incongruously standing in the middle of Logopolis: now we start asking about it:
DOCTOR: There's much more to this block transfer computation than we thought.
ADRIC: Yes, that's how they built a replica of the Pharos Project.
DOCTOR: Yes. Yes, but why? Why build a replica of the Pharos Project?
3c 3d

However as the episode goes on the stakes are upped dramatically

MONITOR: Sabotage.
ADRIC: Murder.
MONITOR: Interfering with the working of Logopolis. The most dangerous crime in the universe!

3e 3f

The Master is turning out to be pretty keen on shrinking things this story and episode. Before Logopolis his only shrunk victims were Goodge in Terror of the Autons and the Cameraman in Deadly Assassin. This story he's killed by shrinking the Policeman & Aunt Vanessa in episode one, at least one Logopolitan in episode 2 to disrupt the calculations for The Doctor and several here! He's becoming a lot more single minded in his method of dispatch!

It might not have been a great thing to do from a story point of view because it invites the viewer to ask if everyone else shrunk dies, how does the Doctor survive? I suppose that he was inside the Tardis counts as a decent enough excuse?

It's obvious The Master doesn't know what Logopolis was doing from his dialogue in this episode:

MONITOR: Turn that machine off. You have no idea what you're doing.
MASTER: Merely emitting a sound-cancelling wave, Monitor. Logopolis is now temporarily suspended. The silence gives us an opportunity to discuss its future.
MONITOR: There will be no future. You are eroding structure, generating entropy.
MASTER: An absurd assertion. I know the power of this device down to the last decibel.
MONITOR: But you do not know Logopolis!
So what purpose of his is served by turning the sonic projectors outwards on Logopolis? The Doctor's already escaped the trap here. Yes I could maybe see him doing it out of spite "you've saved the Doctor, I'll shut you up good and proper" but there's usually some method behind his madness, what did HE hope to gain by doing it?

Of course now we find out what Logopolis was up to, and The Monitor has a couple of bombshells for us:

MONITOR: From this point, the unravelling will spread out until the whole universe is reduced to nothing.
MASTER: So it's true.
MONITOR: Yes, Doctor, you were right. Our numbers were holding the fabric of the universe together.
NYSSA: But how? Surely in a closed system like the universe, entropy is bound to increase?
MONITOR: Certainly. The universe long ago passed the point of total collapse.
DOCTOR: Passed the point?
MONITOR: If it had remained closed. But we have the means to postpone the time.
MASTER: So that's why you adapted the Pharos Project.
MONITOR: Yes. We opened the system by creating voids into other universes.
ADRIC: The Charged Vacuum Emboitments!
DOCTOR: We passed through one of your voids, Monitor.
MONITOR: It all depended on our continued endeavours. A temporary solution while the advanced research unit worked on a more permanent plan. But nothing will come of that now. Our labours wasted. The voids will be closing.
For those who've been watching this season there's some nice joined up story telling going on here: the hole which the Tardis fell through into E-Space was artificial, opened by Logopolis to help postpone the death of the universe!

TEGAN: This'll teach you to meddle in things you don't understand.
MONITOR: We are beyond recriminations now. Beyond everything.
DOCTOR: Not quite.
DOCTOR: We must pool our resources.
NYSSA: The creature that killed my father
DOCTOR: I can't choose the company I keep!
MASTER: An alliance with you, Doctor?
DOCTOR: In the circumstances, yes.
MASTER: If we do cooperate, there'll be no question of you ever returning to Gallifrey.
DOCTOR: If we don't cooperate, there'll be no question of Gallifrey.
TEGAN: Doctor, what are you doing?
DOCTOR: Please. Shush. As Time Lords, you and I have special responsibilities.
MASTER: Together, then.
NYSSA: But Doctor!
DOCTOR: I've never chosen my own company. Nyssa, it was you who contacted me and begged me to help you find your father. Tegan, it's your own curiosity that got you into this. And Adric, a stowaway.
TEGAN: The Tardis!
NYSSA: It's followed us from the Central Register.
ADRIC: But how can it get here when there's no one in it?
DOCTOR: Did I say there was no one in it?
NYSSA: It must be the man who brought be to Logopolis.
DOCTOR: I don't want any further argument. One, two, three of you into the Tardis, quickly. Go on.
ADRIC: Look, we want to help you.
DOCTOR: It's impossible. My friend in there will look after you. I'm collaborating with the Master. Now go on. Battle stations.
NYSSA: The man's a murderer!
ADRIC: Come on, Nyssa. He means it.
MASTER: Together?
DOCTOR: One last hope.
3g 3h

Christopher H. Bidmead's theme of Entropy, loss and decay comes to the surface here. It has been present all season even though Bidmead's understanding of Entropy isn't an exact match to the actual definition. But somehow big ideas and high stakes are wholly suited to the end of the Fourth Doctor's reign. Join us tomorrow for Tom Baker's last episode as Doctor Who as we battle to save the universe and look back at the last seven years of Doctor Who.

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Logopolis: Part Two

EPISODE: Logopolis: Part Two
TRANSMITTED: Saturday 07 March 1981
FIVE FACES OF DOCTOR WHO REPEAT: Tuesday 01 December 1981
WRITER: Christopher H. Bidmead
DIRECTOR: Peter Grimwade
SCRIPT EDITOR: Christopher H. Bidmead
PRODUCER: John Nathan-Turner
RATINGS: 7.7 million viewers
FORMAT: DVD: Doctor Who - New Beginnings (The Keeper of Traken/Logopolis/Castrovalva)

"I've just dipped into the future. We must be prepared for the worst!"

Adric creates a diversion, allowing for the Doctor to escape from the police and them both to run into the Tardis. Finding themselves trapped by the Master the Doctor jettisons Romana's room to create extra thrust. The Doctor believes the Master is still in the Tardis and decides to flush him out by materialising under water in the Thames. However the Tardis instead materialises on a barge! Going outside the Doctor sees the Watcher again and speaks with him, returning gravely worried. He & Adric set course for Logopolis, resuming their earlier plan to repair the chameleon circuit. However after they leave Tegan stumbles into the console room. They reach Logopolis where it's leader, the Monitor, greets his old friend and arranged for the Logopolitans to make the necessary calculations for the Block Transfer Computations to be based on. The Master kills one of the Logopolitans and introduces an inaccuracy into the chanted computations. The Doctor recognises the central register on Logopolis as a replica of the Pharos project on Earth. The Doctor tests his Tardis, as Adric encounters Nyssa who has been brought to Logopolis by a friend of the Doctor seeking his his help to find her missing father. As the Doctor runs his test, observed by his companions, the Logopolitans and the Watcher, instead of changing shape the Tardis starts to shrink with the Doctor trapped inside......

2a 2b

How mad is the Doctor's plan to literally "flush" the Master out of the Tardis? He'll open the doors and wash him out? Along with all the other junk he's accumulated that'll make for a Thames suddenly full of rubbish. He's not even sure the Master is still there, in fact we don't see him his episode either. The idea seems to suddenly occur to The Doctor as Adric says flush and he just runs with it without thinking. Deary me. It sticks out like a sore thumb as being particularly barking.

2e 2f

We do get a good demonstration of what the Doctor is trying to fix as the Master's Tardis demonstrates it's chameleon circuit changing from a Police Box to a Bush to an Ionic Column.

2g 2h

The Tardis materilises on Cadogan Pier in west London.

2 Loc1 2 Loc2

Most of the shot is conducted under the arches of the most adjacent bridge, Albert Bridge which is right next to the pier and where The Doctor meets The Watcher.

2 Loc 5 2 Loc4

The bridge visible in the background for most of this sequence is Battersea Bridge with the two chimney power station behind it which is Lots Road Power station which for many years provided the power for the London Underground.

2 Loc32 Loc 6

Towards the end of the sequence the four chimneys of London's most famous Power Station Battersea Power Station are clearly visible behind Adric.

So that makes this site close to both the fictional location for the Tardis landing in Dalek Invasion of Earth, which shows a ruined Battersea Power Station, and indeed the film version uses the nearby St. Mary's Church jetty for the Dalek's emergence from the Thames. The location in the original television version of that story is found further west at Queen's Wharf in Hammersmith.

Having been name dropped by Adric wherever possible in the last episode and a half, the Tardis Crew are reunited with Nyssa on Logopolis. She's been brough there by The Watcher.... but how? Did he nip off with the Tardis while The Doctor wasn't looking?

2c 2d

And how is the Watcher managing to move about anyway? Barnett Bypass, Albert Bridge and Logopolis with no seeming form of transport?

One quite like the idea of Logopolis, a town which is essentially a giant brain passing spoken calculations from one cell to another.

2i 2j

Unfortuntely the Master has already seen the flaw here and introduced an error into the claculations by murdering at least one of the Logopolitans.

The only character on Logopoils to be named and get any lines is The Monitor played by John Fraser. He's had a long career but I'm not 100% sure I've ever seen anything else he's been in!

c Monitor c4

Meanwhile the Detective the Doctor meets in the lay by is Tom Georgeson, who previously played Kavell, one of the Kaled scientists in Genesis of the Daleks. He was in The Professionals twice, as Reed in In the Public Interest and Pymar in Need to Know but is most famous for his role as Det. Insp. Harry Naylor in Between the Lines. Later in his carerr he appears in Ashes to Ashes as Stanley Mitchell in the 6th episode of the 2nd series and on the big screen he's in A Fish Called Wanda playing gangster George Thomason.

PC Davis, who goes to help Adric, is played by Derek Suthern. He first appeared as a Path Lab Technician in The Hand of Fear returning as a Mentiad in Pirate Planet, a Gracht Guard & Zadek Guard in The Androids of Tara, a Mute in The Armageddon Factor, a Guard in The Creature from the Pit, a Mandrel in Nightmare of Eden and a Skonnan Guard in The Horns of Nimon. He would have made a fourth appearance as a Krarg in Shada if that hadn't have been cancelled. That also deprives him of appearances in five consecutive Doctor Who stoies as he then plays a Argolin Guide in The Leisure Hive, the first story of the next season. He returns playing a Cricketer in Black Orchid, a Policeman in Time-Flight, and a Man in Market in Snakedance. In Blake's 7 he was a Federation Trooper in The Way Back, a Scavenger in Deliverance, a Federation Trooper in Trial & Countdown, a Customer / Gambler in Gambit, a Hommik Warrior in Power and a Space Princess Guard / Passenger in Gold. He appears in the Roger Moore James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me as an Atantis Guard and is in Fawlty Towers as a Hotel Guest in both The Germans and The Psychiatrist.

2 PC Davis 2 PC

The other Policeman is Peter Roy. He was a Greek Soldier in The Myth Makers, an English Soldier in The Highlanders, an Airport Police Sergeant & Chauffeur in The Faceless Ones, a UNIT & Bunker Man in The Invasion, a Security Guard in The Seeds of Death, a Passenger/Plague Victim/Passersby/Ambulance Man/Policeman in Doctor Who and the Silurians, a Policeman in Mind of Evil, Technic Obarl in Hand of Fear, a Guard in The Face of Evil, a Guard in The Sun Makers, a Galifreyan Guard in The Invasion of Time, a Gracht Guard & one of Zadek's Guards in The Androids of Tara a Guard in The Armageddon Factor and a Skonnan Guard in Horns of the Nimon. He returns as an Ambulance Man in Castrovalva, a Man in the Cave Croud in Snakedance and a Van Driver in Resurrection of the Daleks. Like many extras at this time he has Blake's 7 form too appearing as a Citizen / Prisoner in The Way Back & Space Fall, an Alta Guard in Redemption, an Albian Rebel in Countdown and a Federation Trooper / Rebel in Rumours of Death. He was in Doomwatch as a man in Project Sahara and Flood. In the The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy he plays the Limousine Chauffeur in episode 2. He's got a notable role in the James Bond film Thunderball where he played British Secret Agent 006. He has a less obvious appearance in Return of the Jedi as Major Olander Brit but that hasn't stopped the character from getting a Wookipedia page!

The residents of Logopolis include:

Jim Delaney had previously been a English Soldier in The Highlanders, a Confederate Soldier & Resistance Man in The War Games, a UNIT Soldier & Plague Victim in The Silurians, a Passerby in Mind of Evil, a Presidential Guard in Frontier in Space, a Time Lord in Deadly Assassin, a Coven Members in Image of the Fendahl, a Noble in Androids of Tara, and a Skonnan Guard in Horns of the Nimon He returns as a Time Lord in Trial of Time Lord: Mysterious Planet & Mindwarp and a Crimson Time Lord in Trial of Time Lord: Terror of the Vervoids and The Ultimate Foe. In Adam Adamant Lives! he's a TA Soldier / RA Major in D for Destruction. In Yes Minister he's the Permanent Secretary in The Compassionate Society and in the 1989 Batman film he's the Election Ceremony Patron.

Jimmy Mac had been a Refugee Priest in The Underwater Menace, a Man in Pub/Coven member in The Daemons, a Noble in Androids of Tara and a Peasant in the Village Centre in State of Decay. He returns as an Extra in The Awakening. In Doomwatch he's a man in The Islanders. He's a semi regular in Are You Being Served? as Warwick in The Junior, Anything You Can Do, A Personal Problem & Lost and Found. In Dad's Army he's a Platoon Member in Number Engaged and in Hi-de-Hi! he's a Camper At Table in Desire in the Mickey Mouse Grotto.

Peter Whitaker had been Inspector Gascoigne in The Faceless Ones, a Weather Station Worker in The Seeds of Death, a Solonian in The Mutants, a Thal Politician in Genesis of the Daleks, a Mentiad in Pirate Planet and a Noble in Androids of Tara. He returns as a Grecian Man in Four to Doomsday and an Onlooker in Remembrance of the Daleks. In Doomwatch he was a Ministry Inspector in Train and De-Train and a man in Flood while in Blake's 7 he is a Scientist in Project Avalon.

John Tucker was the Double for Balan's corpse in The Dominators, an Old Time Lord in Invasion of Time and a Citizen in Keeper of Traken. In Doomwatch he's the Shopkeeper in Friday's Child.

Walter Turner was a UNIT Soldier in The Silurians, a Primitive in Colony in Space and aPalace Guard in Androids of Tara In Blake's 7 he was a Crimo in Hostage while in Doomwatch he was a Man in You Killed Toby Wren and in the 1972 Doomwatch film he was Mr. Murray.

Colin Thomas was a UNIT Soldier in The Silurians, Sole in Face of Evil, a Mentiad in Pirate Planet, a Customer in Cafe in City of Death, a Don in Shada (is he the only person apart from Tom in all three Douglas Adams stories?) and a Foster in Keeper of Traken. He returns as a Gallifreyan in Arc of Infinity, an Elder in Planet of Fire and a Pallbearer in Rememberance of the Daleks.

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George Ballantine was a Prisoner & Audience Member in Mind of Evil, Android Villager in Android Invasion, Federico’s Servant in Masque of Mandragora and a Death Grade in The Sunmakers. He returns as a Castrovalvan Man in Castrovalva and as the Hawker in Snakedance.

Brychan Powell was previously been a Daleks' Guard and Russian Aide in Day of the Daleks, a Solonian in The Mutants, the Prime Minister in The Green Death, a Mentiad in The Pirate Planet and a Noble in The Androids of Tara. He returns as an Umpire in Black Orchid, a Businessman Passenger in Time Flight and a Citizen Unbeliever in Planet of Fire. In Doomwatch he was a man in Flood.

Evan Ross had been an Advisor in the Mutants, a Cabinet Minister in The Green Death, an Extra in Robot, and a Noble in Androids of Tara. In Monty Python's Flying Circus he's the Lord Mayor in It's a Living.In Dad's Army he's a Platoon Member in Keep Young and Beautiful, Getting the Bird, The Deadly Attachment, The Godiva Affair and Number Engaged. In Are You Being Served? he's The Customer in His and Her's.

Bill Whitehead was previously a Councillor in The Time Monster and a Noble in Androids of Tara. He returns as a Villager in The Visitation

Roy Seeley was a Noble in Androids of Tara, a Skonnan Elder in Horns of the Nimon and the Doctor Body Parts & a Pangol Doctor in The Leisure Hive. He retrns as a Time Lord in Trial of Time Lord Mysterious Planet & Mindwarp, and a Crimson Time Lord in Trial of Time Lord Terror of the Vervoids and The Ultimate Foe. In Blake's 7 he's an Arbiter in Death-Watch. In Star Wars he was a stand-in for Peter Mayhew who played Chewbacca.

Billy Gray had been a Bandit in Creature from the Pit & a Passenger/Wounded Passenger in Nightmare of Eden. In Blake's 7 he's Customer / Gambler in Gambit.

Douglas Bather was a Bandit in Cretuire from the Pit while Charles Stewart & Terry Rendle have no other Doctor Who appearances to their names.

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